Passion +

Community involvement is at the core of Graham Allen Partners. We take extra care and measure to support locally, hopefully inspiring others to do so as well.


Health and Wellness

Data and analytics are only part of a larger solution when it comes to truly helping those in need. We are more than happy to support fellow organizations that work tirelessly to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.


Our family of companies is comprised of an amazing array of talent because we absolutely believe that education will move innovation forward. These local organization are doing an outstanding job of furthering education in our area especially with empowering future entrepreneurs. 

Community Development

The only way to help the region advance is to participate. We absolutely love contributing to these organizations as they remind us of our history, our duty to the community and give us hope for how the region can change.

Human Services

At the heart of it all, we really love organizations that support children in all walks of life. Graham Allen Partner has a long history of believing partnerships and encouraging younger generations. Giving back to these organizations just makes sense if want a thriving community.

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