At Graham Allen Partners, we believe that our entrepreneurs are the greatest asset we have, so we work closely with our portfolio companies in order to support successful growth.

This ideology is carried out through services that we provide to support our portfolio companies, allowing our entrepreneurs to focus on doing what they do best, growing their businesses.


Accounting + Financial Reporting

We help our companies manage their accounting and reporting practices

Data  and Infrastructure

We provide access to wide range of professionals in the data industry who can provide guidance to entrepreneurs and the infrastructure system to support robust data needs

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Design Development

We provide design assistance to our companies that are working develop their brand identity.

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Fund Raising

We help to manage capital raising and other financing needs, providing expert financial guidance.

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Management Services

We provide management services to our companies to help them push their businesses further and implement a data-driven business strategy.

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Talent Acquisition

We provide support in human resources and recruiting of top level talent, helping to manage the demand of growth