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Our portfolio companies are an extension of the innovation and forward progress that Graham Allen Partners aspires to see and foster in our community.

We know that the future lies in the power of data and have sought to create an ecosystem of portfolio companies that harness its true potential.


Data solutions

We are very excited to announce that our companies, Data Realty, Microintegration, Kinetic IT and Secant are joining Aunalytics; adding cloud, managed, and data center services to its offerings.

The newly unified Aunalytics positions the company as a unique leader in the IT market, offering a new category of software and services. Aunalytics is creating a single ecosystem that offers a full-featured, end-to-end cloud platform, capable of everything from traditional cloud hosting, to analytics and artificial intelligence.


This move follows significant growth in Aunalytics’ Midwest footprint as the only provider of a cloud platform with both analytics and production capabilities. The expansion, driven in part by acquiring the cloud infrastructure assets of MicroIntegration in South Bend, IN and Secant in Kalamazoo, MI, has resulted in strong momentum for Aunalytics.



Aunalytics brings together the best of human intelligence and leading digital technologies. Through a seamless integration of tailored IT initiatives, secure cloud infrastructure, and big data, analytics and AI solutions, we act as a catalyst for human and organizational thriving.


health solutions

digital security, computing, nanotech 

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